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Christmas Brag Entry

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Card wreath

Why does the time before Christmas have to be so stressful? There must be a solution, there must. I just don't know which one it is. The last few days have been frantic and I kept thinking I had to cut down on chores somewhere, but the problem is this: Before Christmas there are three kinds of things to do: The first is the kind I really enjoy, like baking or crafting. I want to do those the most. They make me happy. Then there is the kind that has to be done if you don't want to be a jerk, like getting gifts for teachers and hairdressers and friends. Those usually have to be ready even before Christmas. And the last kind is the regular kind... the crap you have to do anyway, whether it's Christmas or a random weekday. I find it disappointing that after a day of standing in the kitchen baking, people still want to eat dinner! So then, it's baking & making dinner, which totally takes away from the fun of baking, because it has to be squeezed in with the boring type of cooking.

Felt ornament gifts for teachers and friends

If I have to assemble and wrap presents, I should be excused from laundry.. and no, not to make up for it later, I should just be EXCUSED for those days. I need to get someone to write me a note. Of course I try to keep up with everything, living dangerously on that very thin edge to insanity. I don't sleep enough and a pregnant body doesn't forgive those things lightly. I wake up and remind myself to just be veeery careful and watch for any signs of impending emotional disaster, so that I might be able to take a nap right beforehand and spare my children the unsightly break-down.

Ivan's stocking

Veronika's stocking

I realize, I should just let some things go, but it's not so easy. My mercilessly strict inner voice demands me to do the regular chores first and THEN the fluff, meaning the things that are not necessary but just fun (That voice uses very belittling vocabulary when it comes to my artistic aspirations, it's very insulting.). I refuse though. I will not give up the fun crafts in order to have a vacuumed living room. I will not!

Posted at 05:08 PM on December 23, 2007

Your Cristmas - Family image - is fabulous! Merry Christmas! Gesegnete Weihnachten! Eucharist unite us with the mistery of Christ new-born. Christ is our life.

Posted by Janez at December 25, 2007 3:10 AM

Merry Christmas!

I liked your line, "I need to get someone to write me a note." :) All I can say is you're not the only one who feels stressed out over the holidays!

As for finding a balance between needs/wants, one thing April did this year is she invited friends over for a "cookie decorating party." She didn't want to miss out on baking cookies and decorating them, so she made it a Christmas event so it wouldn't get lost in the shuffle.

Posted by spain dad at December 26, 2007 5:45 PM