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So my mom has been here for almost two months and I sort of fell off of the face of the earth. Not entirely but real life company offers a nice opportunity to lay off the computer, which in turns makes you discover that you like it and then you spend whatever time is left at the sewing machine. I made two skirts for Veronika, one of them a rather elaborate patchwork thing but it was a ton of fun to make, plus she loves it!
I'm still working on a last-minute project just because I'm dumb and start things about a week before I'm supposed to fly to Europe. That's right. In two days we're leaving for Austria for a 4-week-trip. I'm excited but it is currently totally overshadowed by my mental and emotional preparation (read:terror) for the upcoming flight. My mom and I will weather ninish hours of transatlantic overnight flight with one semi-reasonable child, one toddler and one insane infant who generally doesn't like to sit. At all.

Friends who recently became parents (Hello Tim & Katie!) have asked for some suggestions or/and advice about taking infants on planes. They are understandbly nervous of taking a 6-month-old on a 3-hour-flight. I don't think I was very helpful. What it boils down is the readiness to live through it knowing that time passes and so for sure will that flight. Sometimes things are easy and there is no major incident (like hourlong screaming, kicking hot coffee into other people's laps, incessant whining, refusal to sleep etc. - all of these are unfortunately personal examples) and it makes you feel really good as a parent. But I'm not sure of my definition of "easy flight" would qualify for those who are just newly arrived in parenthood and have not had a range to build an average on. Any flight with a child is always incredibly annoying and tedious compared to sitting there by yourself and - the concept alone makes me swoon - feeling bored!

Remember when you were a kid and your parents made you sit through all kinds of unbearably boring or awkward or uncomfortable situations? Like visiting those terrible friends who always, always embarassed you, or sitting through a two-hour-long classical concert or a choir performance or waiting at the bank or the doctor's or eating Mrs. Soandso's awful excuse for a meal "just to be polite". I shudder at the memory. But anyway, remember that and then understand that being a parent it's often just that: your kid making you sit through hours and hours of agony only it's just them providing the torturous elements. I shudder at the ... anticipation.

It's not going to be so bad, right? Shush!

Posted at 01:35 PM on June 17, 2009

Have a fabulous trip, Dinka! I expect wonderful pictures when you return. :) I'll say a special prayer for smooth trans-atlantic flight!

Posted by Lindsey at June 18, 2009 1:17 PM

have asked for some suggestions or/and advice about taking infants on planes.

BTDT. Boobies can be magical here.

Posted by Dani at June 25, 2009 4:21 PM

Dani, I know. I wish I could reactivate them just for that purpose.

Posted by dinka at June 25, 2009 4:37 PM