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I love shopping online. You can look around, fill your shopping cart with tons of stuff a million times and not have to endure the constant "Everything ok?" "Anything I can help you with?" "These are the sales we have today: blablabla". There's not even the stern look from the shop assistant after all her atteempts failed. The thing is, I don't buy anything. I just go shopping. Get it?

Here are a few things that I "bought" recently:
* A cute insulating blanket for soon-to-be-mobile 7-month-olds.
* Omygod, this one's even cuter!
* A super-fun toy, supposedly just for babies.
* The funnest rocker ever.
* But maybe I'm more prissy and stick with something classic.
* Speaking of prissy, every girl needs something like this.
* Or something like this.
* "Mom I'm sick of all the girly stuff."
* "I don't care. You are my daughter and you wear what I want. Your time will come when you get your own daughter!"
* Another toy we will fight over.
* Oh, I would've died for something like this as a child. Or maybe the monkey? Or the bear?
* This is a great alternative to a rocker. Not that I would get rid of my rocker, but for the next baby... ahh (imagine me - a few years down the road (am not considering pregnancy right now) - in my huge house with the dark hardwood floors, beautiful new sleepy baby on my brand new cheese, uh, chaise)
* So, anyway, if I do get pregnant, then Veronika and I totally need this.
* And since I'm going to be filthy rich, my baby will need the best stroller out there.

And when I satisfy my adquisitive lust, I just close the windows, and go about my business, my bank account untouched.

Posted at 08:39 PM on March 02, 2004 | Comments (3)

Being a little blog-ambitious today

(Before I start: my husband came home and fixed the embedded pic in the previous post. Go check us out, young and blissful...)

I recently finished reading this book by Rachel Cusk and I strongly do NOT recommend it. I was looking (still am) for personal accounts on motherhood and the mother-child-experience. After all reference books try to give you the objective view, but we all know subjective is much more fun to read. Not this one. I imagine Rachel Cusk to be this very urban and feminist woman, who is completely removed from what she sees as the traditional (and inferior) feminine role - motherhood. She sets the book up as if her detached feelings were normal but I'm very prone to believe she is proud of her detachment - and therefore most likely contributed willfully to not being a motherly person.
She is right that motherhood changes your identity. I expect that, although I haven't even been through it yet, but I am very uncomfortable with her lengthy descriptions of all the downfalls and problems and the portrayal of her infant daughter as almost an enemy, an intruder who took over her life and made it miserable.
Why do people get SO upset that once the baby is here their whole life is changed and they can't sleep in on Saturdays anymore? I'm sure I'll miss that too (hehe I'm already there.. silly me got herself a dog!), but we don't take steps in life just so we can stay in the same spot. So you wanted a child. Now you have it! Not sleeping through the night is not a mean plot by the child trying to destroy your independent and feminist self. If you wanted to remain what you were forever, maybe you should not have attempted child rearing.

Anyway, she gives herself away in one of the last chapters where she describes the women in the provincial town she and her husband moved to in order to escape the busyness of London (they move back within a few months). They are all matronly, wearing out-of-style flowery dresses, ride their bikes, judge everyone and have tons of children. Plus they are stupid, don't have jobs and are all racist. Obviously she wants the reader to think she has the objective, the more raw and realistic view of motherhood than these lowly women who don't know better than breed all day. Well, she didn't convince me.
Ugh. I finished it... you know, it's tough to drop a book before it ends.
If you're anything like me, don't read it. Save yourself the time for something more fun.

Posted at 09:35 PM on April 26, 2003 | Comments (3)

It's... 2003?

I feel like I have to direct you to my husband's site again because I'm just bored and boring to an extent not worth reporting about.
I'd like to give you some sort of update but there's just none. So I do feel better now and then.. haven't thrown up in a while.. still hate most foods blabla.. you've heard it all before.
I'm in bed almost all day long, reading or napping or just wondering when it's all going to be over. Then when Lincoln comes home he has to listen to me telling him about all the stuff that's been going through my head and it's not fun. What can one come up with after a day in bed??

Anyway for your own distraction I can tell you what I've been reading:

The Lost Continent: Travels in Small-Town America by Bill Bryson

Neither Here nor There: Travels in Europe
by Bill Bryson

Very light and entertaining reading... and very very funny. That's what I think anyway.
And on a more a serious and painful note:

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way

You think this might not be appropriate reading at 11 weeks and raging nausea? You are probably right. But my theory is.. it can't possibly be as terrible as I've anticipated it. After all I have 6 months to imagine the worst possible scenario.
I have a completely objective balanced pregnant-woman-mind at the moment. Anything you'd like to comment?!?!

Posted at 10:16 AM on January 06, 2003 | Comments (1)

Just a day

It's time for a new entry and I have no idea what to write. I need to keep my huge audience entertained though, so they don't stop checking the site.
My life is not very exciting right now, we're anxious to move and to work but one doesn't really go without the other, so we're kind of stuck here waiting for something to happen. It's time to make some money too, so that's what we'll do in the meantime... until someone takes pity and/or realizes the huge potential of the Indiana Souzek-household.
Obviously we have watched a lot of movies and read a lot of books, so since my book, music and movie sections are not up yet I'll just post my opinions here...

The Corrections - Jonathan Franzen
Very good but very depressing. If you feel depressed, it might make it worse, but it also might help - you can start feeling good about yourself and your family and thank God it's not like the one in the book. It's a great analysis of different characters and the nature of family - and how you can love and hate the eternal attachment to it. Still, it's very depressing.
If you didn't get it by now, let me tell you that I thought this book was ... depressing.

Our America - LeAlan Jones, Lloyd Newman, David Isay
This one is rather sad and shocking but really really worth the read. The book is made after a radio program that was aired in 93 and 95. Two boys from the Chicago South Side projects talk about their life, well, more about their survival. It's quite strange to read this and think America considers itself in peace and not at war. I know it's more complicated than that, but that's the first impression I got.

At Home in the World: Collected Writings from the Wall Street Journal - Daniel Pearl
I'm still reading this one, but I already love it. If you don't know the story of Daniel Pearl, it's easy to find out - just enter his name into the next search engine. These articles are great - I really like his perspective and writing style. The fact that he was killed gives everything a tragic touch. It seems that the peaceful ones always get it first. People like him are an inspiration though. It really all depends on how you spent your time and not how long you lived.

Wow. It seems I only read depressing books. It must be that I am so socially aware that I can not deal with happy stories. As long as it's bad it must be real, right? Just kidding. Boy, am I bored. I'm losing all my wit.

I will cut the next part short because I see people yawning...
Movies I'd recommend: Signs and The Others. Both are way too scary. For me anyway. I can't stand being scared and unfortunately it doesn't take much. I made it to the end of both though and was glad I saw them because they really are very good.

Posted at 05:22 PM on August 16, 2002