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May Day Madness

After only delaying a couple days, I present for your consideration my entry to the 2003 May Day Project. Full-size version here, smaller version below. I put my annoying captions in the alt tags to spare you (for those not proficient in HTML, this means you have to hover over the picture with your mouse for a couple of seconds to see the caption).

Digby's first trip outside.  This has to be an honest account, right? Back to bed Breakfast of champions

Newly blossoming bushes in our garden More exciting garden action A tool of my wanna-be trade

Working the angles Woodworking is precision A trip to the park with a handsome (and soon to be filthy) Digby

On the way to becoming filthy, in the middle of a giant puddle The lawn: before and after Dinner at a friend's apartment

And a movie Mmmm A special prize for the person that can name the tune

After spending 18 hours (and taking 132 pictures) with our nifty new camera, I sure learned a lot about how to get the pictures I want out of that tiny machine. I'm no professional yet but I've still got a few months until the really important subject arrives.


beautiful photos :) thanks so much for participating in the project!

Posted by tracey at May 16, 2003 7:24 AM