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I am so in love


The nap pictured above lasted for about two hours and I wouldn't trade it for a week of doing anything else in the world. I can't begin to describe the way I feel about this baby (my daughter!) after only four days. She came out and I knew immediately that everything had just completely changed. This is a good thing.

You know that feeling you had as a kid waking up on December 26th, at first vaguely remembering that something great had happened (presents) and then being overwhelmed by joy when you remembered what it was? Well that's kind of like what the last couple of days have been like for me, except to some exponential factor of intensity because of the weight of the situation. My first thought in the morning is something akin to "Life is so great." Then I have to stop and ask myself why because I'm still a bit groggy. At this point, an image of that sweet little face appears in my mind and I turn to mush, which is the state I'll spend the rest of the day in.

Although I don't yet have the perspective that time will bring, right now I feel that I can say without hesitation or qualification that her arrival was the happiest moment of my life, the best thing that's ever happened, and every superlative you can think of. I am just bursting.

Now for some practical matters... Dinka has posted a complete birth story and as good as it is, there's no need for me to re-tell it, just go over there and read it. Also, I redid my main page, in case you're interested. And most importantly, I put up some new pictures of Veronika on her page, be sure not to miss those.


Dear Lincoln

thank you for being such a wonderful husband. I am sure that you will be a woderful dad for Veronika.
Love, Kathrin

Posted by Kathrin at August 7, 2003 8:27 AM

it is so touching to read this ... and: yes, life is great! :-))))

Posted by tessa at August 10, 2003 1:01 AM