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Parents Gone Wild

You know how parents of young children are always going on and on about how they never have time to get out of the house, converse with adults or shower? Annoying, no? Right, so I'll skip that part. However the stars have aligned lately and Dinka and I have had a few opportunities to venture out into the real world and the future looks even better. It all started in the summer when, under the intoxication of having an extra helper around the house (sister-in-law), we decided that it was a good idea to buy a full season's subscription to the Metropolitan Opera—eight evenings at the opera over eight months. Our level of sleep deprivation at the time was matched only by our delusion. "Ivan will be old enough by fall," we convinced ourselves, "and we'll have plenty of money!" The first date—Faust—came and Ivan was nowhere near ready to be left on his own but the next month, it actually happened. An old married couple, dressed up as best as we remember how, out on the town, watching Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci. Plus (and I wouldn't add this if it didnt mean so much to us), an hour and a half each way in the car to talk with no interruption. Sweet nectar of sinful indulgence. Then for Dinka's birthday, we had a perfect, cozy dinner at a local German restaurant and saw a new independent film by one of our favorite directors, For Your Consideration. As I drove home that evening, I could feel the fog of infant/toddler parenting slowly lifting to reveal the familiar landscape of intellect and freedom.

What's in store for the next few months is no less than brash disregard for parental responsibility, so the squeamish are advised to stop reading here. On the Met front, we have tickets for Rigoletto on Friday, followed by the new production of The First Emperor (with Plácido Domingo!) on January 5th, Jenufa in February, and on and on until May). Over the weekend following Christmas, we'll be meeting family in Pennsylvania under the pretense of celebrating a late Christmas with them. In reality, we'll be shamelessly taking advantage of available babysitting to do things like see a movie and, if this pitiful Northeast "winter" weather cooperates, go skiing. I haven't even mentioned the two-week trip to Austria in March and all the accompanying possibilities (in my mind: culinary tour of Hungary, Schweinsbraten, the Alps, and possibly my first steps in the Czech Republic).

If it seems like we're out of control and that this is a cry for help, please ignore the impulse to come and shake us out of our indulgence.

December 19, 2006 | Comments (2)