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The Happy Couple

Little brother

At the end of May, my brother and his fiancée were married and I flew back to the Midwest with Veronika and Ivan (but sans Dinka and a too-young-to-fly Nikola, sadly) to be there. I also had the honor of being the best man at the ceremony, so between my responsibilities as best man and father, my hands were full. The upside of this was that while I would normally have busied myself thoroughly photographing such a joyous occasion, I had to relinquish those duties to the professionals and enjoy being in the moment instead. My new sister-in-law (hi, Julie!) sent out a link to the photographers' pictures yesterday and looking through them allowed me to relive the whole weekend over again and reminded me of all the superlatives I was going to use to describe it when I got back (warning: here they come).

It was an amazing few days, by any measure. First and foremost, to see my brother—my lifelong sports opponent, sparring partner, economics teacher, hip hop conspirator, etc.—getting married, as happy as I have ever seen him, filled me with unspeakable joy. My feelings about marriage are well-documented elsewhere on this site but needless to say, I am so happy to see them begin their new life together, knowing the gifts that marriage can bring. The days surrounding the wedding were almost equally overwhelming—so many friends and relatives gathered together, laughing and having a great time, swept up in the spirit of the weekend. Then to be able to include Noni and Ivan in all of that and see all my happiness multiplied in them, that just sent me over the edge.

So congratulations, Phil and Julie. I wish you a life with more superlatives than this humble website can hold.

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Independently Leisurely

Everything you need for a holiday cookout but the hot dogs

High points of this past holiday weekend:

Our time is very full lately, during the week and on the weekends, but there are worse things than having a full life, especially when it fills you up in return.

July 06, 2008