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CSA: Week Seven

Heavier things

First things first—here's what we missed while we were on vacation:

Week Four

Week Five

And here's week six's share, which we picked up late when we got home and did not photograph but are working on now. In fact, half of the cabbage, one radish and one giant scallion went into a dynamite batch of coleslaw made from this recipe from allrecipes.com (I also added some carrot since to my homemade "coleslaw mix") and there may be another batch coming up this week.

Week Six

Here's this week's share, picked up yesterday, pictured above and below:

Week Seven

Finally, I received some sad news from the farm over vacation. They lost most of their tomato crop to the late blight fungus that's currently wreaking havoc in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic states, aided by the horribly wet summer we've had so far. They also pulled their potatoes early for fear of it spreading to them, which is why we have them already this week.

This is the first thing that has seriously threatened to diminish our CSA share, but I'm actually prouder than ever to be a part of it. The farming techniques employed at this farm do everything (short of chemical warfare) to prevent this type of thing from happening, but it still happens. Fortunately they're growing a variety of crops and don't need to rely so heavily on the return from tomatoes. Plus the initial investment of the CSA members means that we all share in the risk and that the farm is somewhat insulated from the effects of something like this.

July 25, 2009