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Fall in the City


The cold wind that blew in this week and the forecast of snow for this weekend have been a daily reminder that my favorite season is on the way out yet again. I didn't expect fall in Austria and particularly in Vienna to live up to the majesty that is fall in New England but I also wasn't ready to completely renounce of the sight and feel of autumn in favor of a concrete gray, dreary slide into winter.

Fortunately we were able to get away for a short fall vacation in Styria, which satisfied most of the requirements of the season (hiking through beautifully wooded areas, eating wild game, drinking seasonal beverages, etc.). I even managed to watch the World Series, thanks to our new DVR and ESPN America. We also found nice moments in the city, particularly in our neighborhood park, where we collected chestnuts and once got pulled into a rather elaborate and lengthy leaf fight with the rest of the playground.

The pictures above and below are of my favorite moments in my morning commute this fall. When I exited the U-Bahn station every morning on the way to class, I saw Votivkirche glowing in the warm morning sun (above). When I left class two hours later, I saw the university green below, golden trees lit up by the sun. As it turns out, the most important part of enjoying fall may simply be to be out in it.

Fall on campus
November 25, 2010