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For My Family, Whom I Miss

The snowy view from our balcony upon arrival

For the last three years, we spent the week after Christmas in a rented cabin in the Northeast with my parents and my brother and his wife. The first two years, in Pennsylvania, we hoped for snow but it mostly managed to avoid us. Last year, Vermont showed us that earlier we hadn't been north or east enough and rewarded us with not only an ample base but new snow on four of the six days we were there. The area and conditions were perfect and we took full advantage of them with every winter activity we could think of—skiing, sledding, ice skating, more sledding—but, as always, it was really the fact that we were all there together that made it special. Being in a winter wonderland was just the grated nutmeg on the egg nog.

For as nice as it has been to celebrate Christmas for the first time in Austria, especially with family that we rarely got to see around this time of the year, there's some part of me that thinks that we really ought to be in a cabin somewhere in the U.S., making hot buttered rum and egg nog, putting together puzzles, and riding sleds that are not nearly rated for the kind of weight that we put in them. It wasn't a family tradition yet but it was a good start and I hope that we will pick it up again soon in a year to come.

I put together some of the non-kids photos from that trip in the album below. The kids pictures start on the kids' site here. Enjoy with someone you love and a glass of egg nog.

Souzek Family Christmas '09 - Vermont

Larger version of the panorama above

December 31, 2010

After Midnight

You can almost hear the Turmblasen

I never get tired of this sight—a decorated and illuminated Christmas tree watching over a silent living room, the presents underneath charged with anticipation and the kids sound asleep in their beds, dreaming of what could be waiting for them in the morning. If you're wondering, the presents wrapped in stars and stripes are from a certain pair of enthusiastic American grandparents.

Merry Christmas!

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