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On Christmas Eve

One of my favorite sights of the year

There's a wonderful children's book called On Christmas Eve by Margaret Wise Brown that tries to capture the exact feeling of Christmas Eve that I do with these tree pictures. Everything has been prepared, the presents are wonderfully wrapped up and laid out, and the house is warm, peaceful and aglow. In the book, the children sneak downstairs to take in the sight and stand breathless at the door. If Nikola came out to see the tree right now, I think his reaction would be more likely to require medical attention. He has been noticeably excited and focused on the countdown for at least a week and positively vibrated through the day today. When the bell rang to signal the beginning of Mass tonight, he yelled "Woohoo!" in a full and clear voice. If Christmas excitement in our family continues on the same upward trend that it has for the past few years, we may be spending next year's in the hospital.

Merry Christmas, all.

December 24, 2012