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An Interim Solution

He does love me after all

Just a few weeks shy of his first birthday, Damian finally has his own corner of souzek.com. It would be easy to blame the delay on how busy we are with four kids, etc., but the truth is that I was hoping instead to launch a redesign of the kids site that would make the old format used for the kids' sites obsolete. I have put some work into the redesign but unfortunately the scope has grown in my imagination to a point where it may be difficult to ever get it off the ground, considering the amount of time that I have per week to dedicate to it. In the meantime, Damian has a page just like his siblings but it will hopefully be replaced by something better before he's in Kindergarten. No promises.

Since Damian has three siblings that can write, everyone got a crack at writing his name for the banner this time. One of the three versions is randomly chosen on each site visit:

Damian, by Veronika
Damian, by Ivan
Damian, by Nikola

Last but not least, in case you could use a pick-me-up, today or at any point in the future, watch this video and see if it does the trick. It gets me every time.

At work
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