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Big Fan


The ticket above doesn't look like anything special until you look at it in conjunction with this page, particularly this line:

On November 6th in the presence of Will Ferrell.

The price of seeing Anchorman in the presence of Will Ferrell? A normal movie ticket plus a couple of hours on a Saturday morning waiting in line for tickets to go on sale. Plus it's playing at a beautiful old theater a short tram ride (or a 15-minute walk, if the warm fall weather holds up) from our apartment. Dinka and I will be there a week from Wednesday, doing our best to not scream SANTA!! when the man comes out. Excitement around here is high.

I love the Viennale. We've been going every year since we moved here, apart from taking last year off since we had a newborn in the house. (We watched one of the films that was playing at the festival, Margaret, on pay-per-view and ordered takeout to simulate the experience.) It is big enough to have scores of interesting films every year but small and accessible enough that regular people can still get and afford tickets. I'm reminded each fall of what a great asset it is for the city.

I will also be seeing Upstream Color tonight and going in knowing almost nothing about it, apart from that it impressed some critics in earlier film festival rounds and that a trusted critic recommended going in cold. I was so blown away by Primer, which I also saw with no other information about it than a hearty recommendation from a friend, that I will definitely give Shane Carruth another chance to do the same. Here's hoping that I feel the same after tonight.

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