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An Advent Surprise

And so it begins

When Damian started calling his siblings by name in spring, I made a recording for posterity just because it was so darn adorable. In the following months, his vocabulary expanded but the level of adorableness stayed consistently high so I kept recording. I thought about putting some clips online for people to hear but eventually just handled that idea like so many others in my life, which is to say that I put it on a list so that I could regularly feel vaguely guilty about not doing anything about it (hello inbox!). Months passed.

But as Advent approached, inspiration struck. As a special Advent gift to all of his fans across the world, I present Damian's Favorite Things, a 2014 Advent calendar and audiovisual journey through Damian's world. Each day from now until Christmas Eve, a new image and accompanying audio clip will be revealed. To hear the clip, just click on the image. For families with young kids and tablets, load up the page and let the kids tap around until you can't stand to hear Damian's voice anymore (impossible!).

I wish you all a blessed and peaceful Advent. Enjoy the calendar!

Damian's Favorite Things


Oh my gosh!!! This is so excellent! But, my oldest child will be jealous that we didn't do this ourselves, so I can't show her!! The Damian calendar is all mine!

Posted by Lindsey at December 1, 2014 12:42 AM


Posted by sarah at December 1, 2014 11:26 AM