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Desiring More, Accomplishing Less

Don't worry, the star will still be put on too

You'll notice that there are no presents under this year's tree.That is not because Christmas presents were canceled this year (although it was considered!) but rather because we are attempting to go to midnight Mass this year as a family and I needed to get this posted beforehand to have any hope of being awake for presents at the hour that Nikola is ready to start opening them. I don't know if this is a crazy or wonderful idea or both. Ask me tomorrow.

This year, I also decided to undertake a project for Advent—building a nativity scene for the figurines that we have. I thought that I would work on it on Sunday afternoons and see how far I got, knowing that it would be a big undertaking. It didn't have to be done this year but I wanted to start.

Pictured below is my current progress. Basically I went to Home Depot and got all the materials that I need for the first several steps of construction. I'm usually discouraged by failing to meet the lofty goals that I set out for myself but this year, I'm just grateful that I'm still doing something, anything, to move toward them. The easiest thing to do is to give up and I have not done that. Everything will get done in its own time, not on the schedule that I set out for it. I just need to keep my spirit willing and keep going.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

Materials purchased
December 24, 2016